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DIGI-CLASS for Entrepreneurs - Understanding Sponsored Ads

In line with our on-going class, we will discuss how to carry out sponsored Ads effectively.

Businesses of all sizes now have the ability to create Instagram ads to reach targeted audiences.

In this post you’ll discover how to set up an Instagram ad from start to finish using Facebook Business Manager.

For the purposes of this post, I tested a new Instagram account, new Facebook page, new Business Manager account and new Facebook ads account with a pre-existing Facebook profile that has never used Facebook pages, Business Manager or ads. Access to Instagram ads was granted immediately.

#1: Connect Your Facebook Page to Business Manager

The first thing you need to do to get started with Instagram advertising is to connect your main Facebook page to Facebook’s Business Manager.

If you’ve already set up Business Manager with the Facebook page you want associated with your Instagram ads, you can skip to step #2. If you’ve set up Business Manager but haven’t connected it to the Facebook page you want associated with your Instagram ads, start at the Connect Your Facebook Page section.

Set Up Business Manager

If it’s your first time using Business Manager, you’ll need to set it up.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Get Started button. From there, you’ll see some general information about Business Manager.

Next, answer some questions about your business.

Select your Facebook business page or create one if you don’t already have one.

Then fill in your personal details.

Connect Your Facebook Page

If you’ve already signed up for Business Manager but haven’t connected the Facebook business page that you want to associate with your Facebook advertising and Instagram account, go to Business Manager and add that page.

To do this, choose Pages from the Business Settings pop-out menu.

From there, click the Add New Page button at the top right and follow the prompts, based on the page you want to add.

#2: Connect Your Facebook Ads Account to Business Manager

Next, you need to add the Facebook ads account you want to use for your Instagram ads to Business Manager. To do this, choose Ad Accounts from the Business Settings pop-out menu.

From here, add a Facebook ads account to your Business Manager. You have the option to create a new account, claim your existing account or request access to another company’s account.

If you already have a Facebook ads account, go to your Facebook Ads Manager Account Settings and copy your account ID. Then select the Claim an Ad Account for My Business Manager option above and paste your account ID in the text box below.

If you only have a personal ad account with little activity, Business Manager will ask you to create a new business advertising account inside Business Manager.

#3: Add Your Instagram Account to Business Manager

Next, you need to add the Instagram account you want to advertise with to Business Manager. To do this, choose Instagram Accounts from the Business Settings pop-out menu, as shown here.

From there, add your Instagram account by entering your Instagram username and password

#4: Set Up Your Instagram Ad in Power Editor

Now you’ll need to visit the Facebook Ads Power Editor to see if you’re eligible for Instagram ads. You’ll find the link to Power Editor under Ad Accounts inside Business Manager.

If it’s your first time using Power Editor, you’ll be asked to download a few things, including information from your Facebook ads account.

Next, you’ll see a message that you can start using Instagram ads.

If you don’t get the above message, click the + Create Campaign button where you may also see your eligibility to use Instagram ads.

From here, select an existing ad campaign or create a new one for your Instagram ad. For the ad objective, you must choose from Clicks to Website, Mobile App Installs or Video Views.

Next, choose an existing ad set or create a new one, and then create a new ad.

After you click the Create button, you’re taken to your campaign in Power Editor. Here, you’ll want to set your campaign spending limit. Then click on the View Ad Set link.

In the Ad Set settings, configure your daily or lifetime budget and when you want your Instagram ad to run.

Below the schedule, configure your Instagram ad audience (In this case, US was used but don't do the same).

If you have saved audiences, click the down arrow next to New Audience to select them. Otherwise, click the Edit Audience button to see the ad targeting options, which are similar to those you’d see in the general Facebook Ads Manager.

Now, choose your ad placement. If you want to create an ad only for Instagram, uncheck all but the Instagram option.

After selecting the ad placement, configure your bidding based on your goals…

…and how much you’re willing to pay per ad result.

Finally, choose from Standard or Accelerated delivery options.

When you’re finished configuring your ad set, you’re ready to configure your ad. To do this, click on the Ads icon to the left.

Next, select your Facebook page and Instagram account.

Then continue on to create your Instagram ad.

When you’re finished, click the green Upload Changes button to upload your ad and submit it to Facebook.

After confirming the upload, you should be able to see your new Instagram ad in your Ads Manager.

#5: Review the Results

Be sure to visit your Ads Manager periodically to review the results of your Instagram ad campaign. The following is an insight into my first Instagram ad campaign (the top row) compared to a similar ad for the Facebook news feed.

In my case, I learned that I could get a lot more reach and website clicks for $50 using Instagram ads than I could from a Facebook news feed ad. Results will likely vary based on your campaign goals, audience and budget.


If you have visual content that you can use to promote your business, content, products or services, Instagram is a social advertising platform you’ll want to consider.

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