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Dr Ibrahim Philemon Gora talks on Nigeria 2020 Budget

Earlier this year President Muhammadu Buhari, Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria  presented the 2020 budget proposal of N10.33 trillion to lawmakers at the National Assembly (NASS) and Dr Ibrahim Philemon Gora was disappointed by this action.

This raised a lot of conversations in the media space considering the fact that the Nigerian Government was ready to spend Billions of Naira on “RENOVATION” of the house of assembly.

President Muhammadu Buhari came under fire on Wednesday, hours after he signed on his birthday the N10.59 trillion 2020 budget, as he offered too generous gift to the National Assembly: a N37 billion fat envelope to renovate the complex.

“It is my pleasant duty, today, on my 77th birthday, to sign the 2020 Appropriation Bill into law. I’m pleased that the National Assembly has expeditiously passed this Bill. Our Federal Budget is now restored to a January-December implementation cycle”, Buhari declared at the signing ceremony, surrounded by National Assembly leaders.

However, his N37billion gift to the National Assembly has incensed many Nigerians, especially with comparisons made about what the fund could do in other spheres of national life.

Some Nigerians have taken to Twitter, virtually dragging Buhari in the mud.

“NASS building renovation gets almost the same amount as all federal schools.This Next Level development na wa oo”, wrote Kamaldeen Adesina.

Bilesanmi Quadri said: Nigeria Ports authority: total allocation 13billion, Capital expenditure for more than 170 schools 40billion. National assembly which houses only 109 senators N37billion for Renovation.. haba, let’s speak the truth sometimes, this is outrageous”.

Fabulous Mike chipped in: “37billion naira to be used to renovate a building which was built with 7billion naira, the annoying part is that the said building didn’t suffer any natural or manmade disaster..God epp us in this country”.

Emeka Eze also wrote: “National Assembly was built in 1999 at the cost of N7Billion. In 2019 the so Incorruptible Buhari wants to renovate it with N37billion.Infact Buhari should be added as Natural disaster @BashirAhmaad when are you guys selling the country?”

Kayode Ogundamisi, a Buhari campaigner in the February election was also scathing in his intervention:

Dr Ibrahim Philemon Gora, a renowned Investment expert had this to say on his LinkedIn page:

At this critical time, Nigerians need a National Assembly that will subsume their personal interest in that of the nation. Therefore, much is expected from the legislators in the discharge of their functions with a Parliament worth its name in the driven national interest. N37 billion was approved for the renovation of the National Assembly complex. The amount, which is captured in the 2020 budget is however not part of the N128 billion allocated for the National Assembly. N37 billion is a huge sum that can transform thousands of lives if channeled into proper use, we talk about cutting down the cost of governance and now this! This complex was built at less than N11 billion barely two decades ago and the huge cost is simply unacceptable. The economy is still in a bad shape, and the facts speak for themselves; at the end of last year unemployment rate was high, insecurity challenges still persistent, skyrocketed food price, mountainous debt both at federal and states. What are the benefits that Nigerians will derive from the renovation of the National Assembly complex?

What you should know about Dr Ibrahim Philemon Gora

(Also check out what a 6-year old had to say about Dr Ibrahim Philemon Gora)

Ambassador Dr. Philemon Ibrahim Gora is an Entrepreneur, financial technology expert, author, public motivational speaker, minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and philanthropist. A crop scientist by profession and computer engineer by passion.

He has gone further to earn another Bachelor’s Degree with Rhema University Orlando USA, and other professional certificates in computer software development.

Because of his contribution to society, he has received many awards both locally and internationally among which are True Leadership Award from Mission for Africa from USA MAC Corps and

The International Award as Millennium Development Ambassador by United Nations MDGS. At the high point of global recognition, the Center for Research and Universal Education in Collaboration with Good Success University Ketu, Benin Republic conferred on him with Honorary Doctorate Degree in human Resource Development on September, 2013.

He has appeared in radio interview with Mr. Stu Taylor of American Radio who also has interviewed prominent personalities including Robert Kiyosaki.

Few years ago, Dr. Philemon Ibrahim Gora left his comfortable life in the USA, back to Nigeria to empower Nigerian masses with the tune of 200 Billion Naira as his personal contribution to social welfare and economic development.

Dr. Philemon Ibrahim Gora is a trader in digital currency and an expert in forensic investigation and analysis.

He offers professional services (independent forensic investigation and consultancy) to public and private financial institutions around the world in ensuring credibility of audited financial statements, detection of fraud in audited financial statements as well as detection of computer related fraud .

He is a mega owner of thousands of Bitcoins.

As Chief Executive Officer of Time Microfinance Bank and five other companies, Dr. Philemon Ibrahim Gora also serves on the boards of different international financial organizations including Global Funds Inc., USA.

Dr. Philemon Ibrahim Gora is the founder and first president of the African Investors in Diaspora Association, AIDA, a body of internationally recognized African business professionals.

He owns his own cryptocurrency, called G-coin

In summary, He is a mega giver and a great philanthropist.