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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

The marketplace as we grew up to know it, is that place where buying and selling takes place, where it seems everyone is talking at the same time and no one is listening.

The shop was one means for the display of wares, for the purpose of making sales. Depending on the physical size of such market, tens and hundreds of customers and prospects troop in daily to get what they need.

The modern shop though is not necessarily a physical space. It could be a website, for instance, that is open for business 24/7 depending on the choice of the administrator. Here rainfall is never a reason to hurriedly pack up and close shop, and wares are always displayed and easily accessible even at the absence of the 'shop-keeper'.

This type of shop also offers back-end analytical tools, for the owner to know his/her product that is getting the most views by prospects and even more importantly, a simple means for customers to express distaste or satisfaction and make referrals and recommendations if they so chose.

Then there's Social Media, home to billions of people seeking to find a friend, love, entertainment and or -a product. There is hardly a digital social space that hasn't been monetized and brands are doing quite well for themselves using social media. This is because people like- no 'love' to interact with people rather than brands.

Having a good social media presence apparently speaks of the accessibility of your brand beyond the business sphere. This has been the major boost of small and large scale businesses for years now according to testimonies on and lots of others.

However, no one ever said the shop as we knew it and the shop as it is now are exclusive. Be it a website, a blog, a social media page or social media pages, they can all serve the purpose of being an extension of one's business. Like a second shop perhaps. This way, the benefits both sides have to offer are enjoyed simultaneously, leading to increase in brand awareness, recognition and loyalty and reduced marketing cost amongst lots of other benefits.

The simple reality is that there are simple Ad campaigns or sponsored ads that would display your product to a number of people that may not visit your physical shop in a period of three months combined.

Even in commerce there is the normal way of doing things and the smart way of getting things done, in this case that means going digital. Hence Digismart. And though there is little harm in not trying except your competitors are most likely benefiting from their digital extensions already, it should equally be noted that building brand trust, awareness, recognition and loyalty takes time so the earlier one starts the better.

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